Fremont St. Las Vegas
fremont st. las vegas
fremont st. las vegas
fremont st. las vegas
fremont st. las vegas


Fremont Street


Named after explorer John Charles Fremont, Fremont Street is at the center of Las Vegas, Nevadaís downtown casino corridor. Second only to the Las Vegas Strip, it is one of the most popular and frequented streets in Las Vegas.

Several famous casinos opened along Fremont Street. These include the El Dorado Club, the Binionís Horseshoe, the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, the Fremont Hotel and Casino, the Pioneer Club, the Golden Nugget and the Mint. Fremont Street dates back to when Las Vegas was founded in 1905.

It was the first paved street in the area in 1925, and in 1931, the cityís first traffic lights were installed

for the Fremont motorists.

The first legal gambling venue that opened along Fremont Street is the Northern Club, which started operations in 1931. In September 1994, Glitter Gulch closed to allow for the construction on the Fremont Street Experience.  In 2006, plans to develop the eastern portion of Fremont Street as an entertainment district were disclosed. Details of the re-development were revealed in 2007. This was part of the US$5.5million plan to give the downtown area a new lease of life.

On August 24, 2007, the three block section to the east of the Fremont Street Experience opened as the Fremont East district. The area is home to a number of clubs and bars.

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