Hooters Casino Hotel, Las Vegas
hooters casino hotel
hooters casino hotel
hooters casino hotel
hooters casino hotel


Hooters Casino Hotel


The Hooters Casino Hotel can be found along East Tropicano Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. It started operations in 1973 and it was operated by 155 East Tropicana.

The hotel features themed rooms that are comfortable, clean and equipped with the latest amenities. The Hooters Casino Hotel offers Tower room accommodations in two towers. One is called the Oceanview while the other is called the Bayview. Despite their names, the ocean is not visible from any

of the towers, but the hotelís Bungalow rooms are located by the pool.

Apart from Tower and Bungalow Rooms, the Hooters Hotel Casino boasts of suites of which they have three kinds from guests to choose from. They have the International suite, the Whirlpool suite, which, as its name implies, is equipped with its own private whirlpool, and the Presidential suite. These sweet

suites offer views of the hotelís pool area and of the very popular Las Vegas Strip.

The Hooters Hotel Casinoís most highlighted amenity is the pool. It is fun place for guests to lounge in during the day and even during the night. Island, reggae and buffet-style music is played to get the guests in the mood for a rejuvenating swim, a tan and a refreshing drink from the Nipperís Bar.

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