Las Vegas Nevada - The Sin City
las vegas - entertainment capital in the world
las vegas - the sin city
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City of Las Vegas, Nevada


The most densely populated city in Nevada is, without a doubt, the colorful and captivating city of Las Vegas. Among the cities in the United States, it is the 28th most populous.

Las Vegas is well known across the globe as the center of gambling, fine dining, shopping and entertainment. It is home to several casino resorts and entertainment centers, and is rightfully called the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. Apart from this title, Las Vegas is dubbed “Sin City”. This is due to the city’s high tolerance for various kinds of adult entertainment.

Because of its vivacious genius loci, Las Vegas became a very popular setting for television programs and major motion films. From space, the city’s metropolitan area is the brightest spot on Earth.

Las Vegas was established in 1905, but it was only six years later in 1911 that it became an official city. The city’s economic growth was, and still is, driven by tourism and gambling. The economy has been kept very much alive by the convergence of gaming, tourism and the various conventions that are held within the city, and which fuel the food and retail sectors.

The two largest Fortune 500 gaming companies are headquartered in Las Vegas. They are MGM

Mirage and Harrah’s Entertainment, and both unfailingly draw visitors from all corners of the world.

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