World of Coca-Cola, Las Vegas
world of las vegas museum
world of las vegas museum
world of las vegas museum
world of las vegas museum


World of Coca-Cola Museum


Las Vegas’ World of Coca-Cola was built in 1998 on Las Vegas Boulevard South, which is more popularly known as the Las Vegas Strip. It is beside the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

The establishment closed down in 2008, but the Everything Coca-Cola store is still open.

The original World of Coca-Cola exhibition is located in Pemberton Place in Atlanta, Georgia. Pemberton Place is named after the inventor of Coca Cola, John Pemberton. It is a permanent display housed in a 20-acre complex featuring The Coca-Cola Company’s history. The exhibition opened on May 24, 2007 after it relocated and replaced the original exhibit in downtown Atlanta.

The original World of Coca-Cola opened in 1990. It was open for seventeen years before being replaced by the newer exhibit in Pemberton Place. While it was operating, it was Atlanta’s most visited and most famous indoor attraction.

The museum was housed in a 3-storey building. Its entrance was marked by a massive neon Coca-Cola sign measuring 30 feet in height and 26 feet in width. The top floor was where the tour would start and visitors would be led downwards through about a thousand Coca-Cola artifacts. The museum has interactive exhibits that include video presentations of Coca-Cola advertisements, a replica of a 1930s soda fountain, and a 10-minute film entitled, “Every Day of Your Life”, which is about how Coke has become a well-established brand across the globe.

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